Tolkien LOTR The Two Towers p. 285







Personal Data

Surname Veugen
First name  Connie
Given Names  Jacoba Ida Louisa (J.I.L.)
Place of Birth  Maastricht
Nationality  Dutch

Current employment

Lecturer Faculty of Arts Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Click on plus sign to view a list of classes taught. All classes marked * were completely developed by me, i.e. theoretical course material, (practical) assignments and course materials, examples and website (if applicable). All classes marked ** contain material (theoretical/practical) developed by me.

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Activities outside the university

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Language skills, programming skills, etc.

Language speaking reading writing
Dutch +++ +++ ++
English +++ +++ ++
German ++ +++ +
French + +++ ±
Italian ± ++ ±
Spanish +

programming & formal languages:

C, Pascal, Modula 2, Prolog, Logo, Java, Basic, Visual Basic, Javascript, HTML, dBase, SQL (some experience with C++, B, Lisp, Comal, Cobol, Elan, Fortran)

hardware skills:

assembling and installing computers, repairing computers, TCP/IP networks (installing, including cabling)




SKO (Advanced Teaching Qualification) Highest qualification possible in the Netherlands. More about management.

BKO (Basic Teaching Qualification). Although I have 25+ years of experience teaching at a university, because of new policies every university lecturer has to have one of these.


Doctor / PhD Faculty of Arts

Thesis: Computer Games as a Narrative Medium (available online)


Litterarum Germanicum Candidatum lingua et letterae Anglicae Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Faculty of Arts

Thesis: Gloriosity Seeking : Blocking Productivity and Diachronic Change in Lexical Morphology, Natural Morphology and Functional Morphology

Secundariae: Italian linguistics, Italian literature, Spanish language and Literature, Information Studies (Programming), Old Norse.

In Dutch this is called a doctoraal examen.


Qualification to teach


Candidate English Language and Literature Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Faculty of Arts


Final exam St. Maartenscollege Maastricht (Grammar school)

Subjects: Dutch language and literature, French language and literature, English language and literature, History, Mathematics, Economics, Marketing, Accounting.




Eductation Award Faculteit der Letteren VU Amsterdam


Geschiedenisscriptieprijs (award for a history essay) Keesings Onderwijsbladen en de Vereniging van Geschiedenisleraren in Nederland (VGN)


Certificates / workshops


Workshop Female Leadership


Workshop Spelers & Regels 2 (Players & Rules 2) Mediamatic


Workshop Computer Ondersteund Onderwijs (Computer Assisted Education) Universiteit Nijmegen