Connie Veugen
Game Researcher

The Wanderer Anglo Saxon poem lines 43-44.







Wilkommen, bienvenue, welkóm,  to the website of Connie Veugen (or J.I.L. Veugen if you want to be more formal).

These webpages serve as a portfolio about myself, my work, my research and my interests. Feel free to look around.

Es geht nicht mehr darum dass wir aufhören müssen zu spielen um erwachsen zu werden. Als kreative erwachsenen müssen wir lernen immer weiter zu spielen. (Gundolf Freywermuth)

"It is no longer about having to stop playing to become an adult. As creative adults, we have to learn to keep playing."

Other places where you can find information about me are:

My page on the Academia Website.
My LinkedIn page.

(There are others, but these are the most important.
Note that most are not as comprehensive as this site is).